Minggu, 28 April 2013

Later Skaters


 photo SOUTHBEACHFASHIONFADE2_zps3205e57a.jpg

 photo SOUTHBEACHFASHIONFADE3_zpsc46a4ee1.jpg

(Crochet dress and bikini c/o South Beach swimwear)

So, I'm off to Asia again which means I have to do something that I absolutely despice beyond belief..... pack a suitcase. It turns out that I'm quite possibly, the world's worst suitcase packer (if that's even a thing)  I seem to lose any form of practical thinking and planning and throw random items of clothing into my case and regularly forget travel essentials such as plug adapters and toothbrushes. So I was pretty happy when I received a parcel from the guys at South Beach containing their amazing Sophie bikini  and Ellie crochet dress... Two pieces that went straight into my suitcase without hesitation. If you're going away anywhere on holiday (or with work like me) and share my aversion to packing check out the amazing South beach range HERE. And as a girl who's  completely different sizes in tops and bottoms, the site offers seperates at reasonable prices which cuts out the stress of bikini shopping that most of us girls have to face on the regs.

Lots of love guys and I'll see you when I return.



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